Chuck Norris Song Lyrics

Now I come to tell you of a very special man,
a man who is able to speak in Braille,
Chuck Norris set his photo as wallpaper and no virus get in
I'll tell the story of the greatest hero,
he is Chuck Norris, the bastard unmatched
for him each testicle is larger than the other
If Chuck Norris looks you in the eyes  drives you crazy
He ate three steaks two kilograms
Chuck Norris can deflect bullets with his beard,
to square of the bermuda triangle chuck norris docked a corner
Chuck Norris eats fish without removing the thorns.
Chuck Norris' tears can cure cancer,
but Chuck Norris doesn't cry , Even When Her mother dies,
in the world are not extinct species
only animals Chuck Norris allowed to live
Doctors do not recommend Chuck Norris as a solution,
These doctors then die without explanation,
when Walker steal
chuck norris drank 14 elephant tranquilizers,
to avoid killing opponents actors.
Jesus was the second reencarnazion of Chuck Norris,
the fastest way to get to the heart are the chuck norris fists
Chuck Norris grinds his coffee with his teeth
and boils the water with his own rage.
When Chuck Norris does laundry at sea tsunamis kill people.
Once Chuck Norris Gave to Science 6000 corpses,
Chuck Norris has not had to pay taxes ever
he sends blank forms and the includes only a picture of himself
he discovered seven kinds of cancer
and discovered the cure for all doing pushups a Sunday morning.
did you know the Ninja Turtles existed
chuck norris ate a turtle. and when defecated the turtle could speak
Chuck Norris donates blood, but not his blood,
if he made Terminator it seems a documentary.
The actual name of the Bible is Chuck Norris and friends,
Chuck Norris created the Mount Doom and the ring,
Chuck Norris was the fourth Wise Man and His gift was his beard,
her image is worth more than any words.
Who's your daddy? Chuck Norris knows the answer,
for him there aren't doors in the world
Chuck Norris doesn't win Oscars because he is not an actor,
Godzilla is a tribute to his first visit to Japan.
Chuck Norris counted to infinity - twice
Chuck Norris brought a stillborn baby lamb
back to life by giving it a prolonged beard rub
after to roundhouse kick him in the face
what gives Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris takes away.
Chuck Norris is more gross than a plow pedals
Chuck Norris is more powerful than the fury of the seven seas,
Chuck Norris is the largest man in the world and most hardcore,
but Chuck Norris, my son, your movies suck.
Chuck Norris is very serious, never fuck with stupid,
Chuck Norris gives more disgust than a black pudding petit suisse,
Chuck Norris is more powerful than the government of the United States of America
but, chuck norris, my son, your movies suck. (X2)


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Ariel Scandolera

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